This blog is about my personal interpretation on just about everything. Of course, I have many interpretations on many subjects that most people have never even heard of. Living in space, immortality, cybernetics, technology, history, government, economics, politics, philosophy, social revolutions, culture, the wisdom of the ancients, experience, life, and above all, Truth.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. VoteNader Says:

    wow, I just read your latest post about “convincing people” and it was great! I imagine you and I would “get along” well

  2. Adrian Sponseller Says:

    you my friend are a truth seekers-truth seeker-flying-squirrel-motherfucker. ( I mean that in a complementary Johnathan livingston seagul kind of way).

  3. Chris Says:

    I tougt “zen stoic” was my invention of best (short-) definition of me; seems out there in the billions is another one.
    This filled me with great joy. gonna read this blog now.

  4. Parsival Says:

    Great blog, thanks for alligning thoughts of reality! 🙂

  5. Russ Says:

    Do you know who had the thezenfrog.wordpress.com It was once a site with a lot of info, any ideas where they may have wound up or who put it together?

  6. gloria Says:


    I believe the truth shall set you free…and there are many shades of gray in between….as we get close to 2012, the lies and deceptions of governments shall crumble and people will wake up to their own truths….and start living their lives fully and wholly….

    A blast from your past

    Goddess of love

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