Nipping Neoracism in the Bud

After reading the article on the potential for new DNA-based racism I’ve realized that all along, society has had the wrong idea about humanity and people. Racism is just stupid because, quite simply, you don’t need a body to be human. We have demonstrated this is popular media such as with weird stories about body swapping. If you swap bodies with another person, you retain your fundamental self. Of course, you can’t simply swap bodies because your brain is completely integrated with your body- simply removing one person’s brain and replacing it won’t cut it. But theoretically you could reconstitute the salient information of one person into a different body, leaving you with the same person with a different machine under their command.

Discrimination on the grounds of a person’s skin is somewhat like discriminating against the color of their car, only it’s a car that would be extremely difficult to exit with our current level of technology. The introduction of DNA complicates this somewhat because instead of superficial details like your car’s color, your car’s DNA or structure actually has practical implications on its functionality and upkeep. Car A might get better gas mileage and car B might have a higher top speed. Car C might be impervious to having its tires pierced, correlating to an immunity to specific diseases. But it’s still foolish to discriminate against someone for the car they drive, especially so if they didn’t choose it deliberately.

Imagine in the future that it is possible for us to transfer over to computer existence or mechanical bodies. The unenlightened redneck racist assholes will undoubtedly discriminate against the early adopters, well, because they’re childish. Racism is a childlike striking out against the strange, the use of a common enemy to unify a group that they believe needs unifying at the expense of a group they believe expendable. The KKK did not appear because there was a huge amount of animosity against black people or other minorities- its members were the immature, insecure, weak, and stupid sheep who wanted to belong to a group. They were then told that they would be forced to violence if they wanted to belong, and pretend to be enthusiastic. After a while they actually became conditioned into it and the KKK used them to induct new members. No individual agent except maybe the original founders or a small core actually held the will to do harm before they were forced to it through social pressures.

It is critical that everyone attends to their own self-elevation, and rising above the  social weakness of dependence which causes so many people to behave with such insanity.  Consider a group of 100 regular people, with one more forceful individual who tells them that the rest of the group believes proposition X.  Because these individuals are dependent, and seeking interaction, they will lend strength to the illusion that this is in fact true, and even though not one other person agrees with this “leader” the entire group will nevertheless fall into line.  Even more sickeningly, they will keep one another in line.  Three of these newly conditioned people get together, each of them believing that the other two truly are part of their group and thus keeps up the act to the best of their ability.  Not one of the three has any desire to posit proposition X, but all three of them exhibit consensus anyway.  It takes a rare individual to straight up deny a group of 100 which seem to be in consensus unless they are themselves part of a group of equal or larger size.  This herd behavior is immensely profitable for companies, political leaders, and other people holding positions of influence.  The education system slants a little bit more to producing exactly this kind of behavior, etc. etc. and the rabbit slides farther down the hole.


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